Sen. Jamilah Nasheed opposes legislation to allow guns on college campuses

February 26, 2018
Contact: Jamilah Nasheed

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - State Senator Jamilah Nasheed (D-St. Louis) opposes legislation that would place higher education students and staf in danger of gun violence by weakening common sense restrictions on where a person can legally carry a firearm.

House Bill 1936 would expand the list of locations a person without a concealed carry permit can carry a concealed firearm. This legislation would also prohibit the state or higher education institutions from restricting their employees or students from carry concealed firearms. This provision would essentially allow guns on campuses throughout the state.

"This legislation disguises danger as freedom, and puts countless lives at risk on college campuses throughout Missouri," said Sen. Nasheed. "Just last week, a Missouri college student was suspended for having an AR-15 and a handgun. Now the Missouri House of Representatives wants to allow those same weapons on campuses across the state. That is absurd. We should be preparing our young people to compete in a modern economy, not equipping them for modern warfare."

The legislation, and several other firearm-related bills, received a hearing today in the House General Laws Committee.

Meanwhile, Sen. Nasheed has filed Senate Bill 1026 to strengthen background checks by requiring a person purchasing a gun to satisfy a background check by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and to not be found mentally incompetent at the time of purchase, or for ten years prior to application, and to evaluate their mental state.

Sen. Nasheed has also filed Senate Bill 875 to require the reporting of firearms lost or stolen in the City of St. Louis.


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